Immunity Boosting Health Drink Mixes: A Patent Based Review

tandon, runjhun ; Kakkar, Shama ; Tandon, Nitin


Health drink mixes are granulated or powdered beverages that require little effort to reconstitute before utilization. They have been used for a long time as flavor enhancers in beverages.From traditional drink mixes to the latest; their ingredients have been served clearly in this article. The changing ingredients focus on the fact that now they are not seen as only taste enhancers because researches have brought them to a new level. A literature study revealed that along with the use of nutritious ingredients, efforts have been made to reduce artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colors, and flavors in them. But many more improvements are yet to be done.The aim of this systematic review is a detailed study of the composition of health drink mixes and giving ideas about advancement in health drink mixes for health freaks that need to be sound through wholesome products especially for immunity boosting.Since patent-based data is the most reliable and comprehensive, this analysis focuses on patents from the previous years that strive to boost immunity through the use of a variety of plant-based substances in the production of health drink mixes.


Health Drink Mixes, Immunity Boosters, Milk Additives, Nutritional Supplements

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