IP Audit: A Case Study of IIT Delhi

Sen, Poulomi ; Gargate, Gouri


Intellectual property (IP), can be developed, owned, managed and commercialized to generate significant economic return to empower the organization. In this era where IP regimes are shifting drastically and where intangible assets are gaining prominence with huge momentum, identifying and efficiently utilizing intellectual assets owned by an institution is of utmost importance. Hence, it is now imperative for institutions to develop the expertise and capability not only to foster the generation and creation of IP through R & D, but also to manage the same. In this paper, the authors intend to understand the IP policy framework of the institution, and conduct a basic IP audit which helps to understand the strength of the IP management system.


Intellectual Property; IP audit; IP policy; IPMS; Intellectual capital; IPR Score; IP portfolio; Intangible assets; Technology transfer

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