Review on WIPO Trademark Registrations on Goods of Class 5

Sreelakshmidivya, P. ; Kumar, S. Rubesh; Rao, V. Uma Maheshwar


World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) was established with a mission to bring up the innovative and creative inventions worldwide. The organization cooperates and maintains the Intellectual Property rights, that bring integrity among the various countries of the World. WIPO IP statistical data base collects the information from the national and regional offices annually, mentioning it with the various indicators and the different report types. The different intellectual property rights such as, patent, trademark, industrial design, utility model data are available in the database from 1980 to 2016. This article shows the statistical data related to the trademarks that was collected and stored in the data base by WIPO. This gives an idea to know the country’s progress in filing up of the trademarks, for acquiring the IP rights globally. In this article, the leading countries such as, India, Australia, China, European Union, United Kingdom and United States of America that are involved in the trading worldwide are considered and their statistical data is compared. The data related to the class 5 of Nice Classification, which became part of essentials to lead healthy life, are also included.


WIPO; United International Bureaux for the Protection of Intellectual Property-1893; Nice Classification; Standing committee on the law of Trademarks; Industrial Designs and Geographical Indications, IP rights; trademark

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