Vol 25, No 3-4 (2020)

Journal of Intellectual Property Rights

Table of Contents


Section 3(d) and Pharmaceutical Patents in India PDF
Sohrabji, Niloufer ; Maloney, Kaitlyn 65-73
Protection of Geographical Indication Products from Different States of India PDF
Old Town Road of Copyright's Subject Matter and Aesthetics PDF
Laskowska-Litak, Ewa 80-91
The Idea-Expression Dichotomy in Artistic Works: The Case Study in the United Kingdom PDF
Mahfud, Mahfud ; Rani, Faisal A. 92-99
Juxtaposing Right to be Forgotten and Copyright Law PDF
Aseri, Ankita 100-104
Review on WIPO Trademark Registrations on Goods of Class 5 PDF
Sreelakshmidivya, P. ; Kumar, S. Rubesh; Rao, V. Uma Maheshwar 105-112

Journal of Intellectual Property Rights (JIPR)