Vol 27, No 6 (2022)

Journal of Intellectual Property Rights

Table of Contents


Identifying, Preventing and Overcoming Trademark Bullying in Indonesia PDF
Permata, Rika Ratna; Ramli, Tasya Safiranita; Priowirjanto, Enni Soerjati; Utama, Biondy 389-396
Impact of Patent (Amendment) Act, 2005 on Indian Pharmaceutical Industry PDF
Singh, Keerti 397-414
Intellectual Property Rights in Context of New Education Policy 2020 PDF
Sharma, Arpana ; Bhardwaj, Aadyaa ; Pruthi, Madhu ; Sharma, Monika 415-419
Theoretical Underpinnings of Copyright and Design Laws Post-Krishika Lulla and Godrej Sara Lee: Decisions of the Supreme Court of India PDF
Raza, Aqa ; Alam, Dr. Ghayur 434-441
Need for Invention in the Taxation Regime of Patents PDF
Agrawal, Anjali ; Singhal, Shiv ; M, Sakthivel 442-450
Patent Waiver on Covid Vaccine: Access for all or Global Supply Crisis? PDF
Choudhary, Latika 420-426
Traditional Knowledge: Penetrating Intellectual Property PDF
Yadav, Parveen ; Bohra, Prof. (Dr.) Saroj 427-433

Journal of Intellectual Property Rights (JIPR)