Fuzzy Logic Based Geocast Routing in Vehicular Ad Hoc Network

Husain, Akhtar ; Singh, Santar Pal; Sharma, S.C.


The purpose of vehicular ad hoc networks (VANET) is timely, effectively and efficiently transmission of urgent messages from source to destination. These objectives can be solved effectively with geocast routing approaches in VANETs as the most of the intelligent transportation system (ITS) applications require sending information to the vehicles belonging to a particular geographic region. In this paper an attempt has been made to develop the geocast routing protocols using fuzzy logic. The fuzzy logic routing (FLR) approach is used to implement the protocols. Three membership functions for each input distance, direction, speed and five membership functions for output (chance) with Mamdani fuzzy inference system (FIS) are used. MATLAB R2015a has been used to analyze the performance of developed protocols and compared with other fuzzy routing protocols in terms of packet delivery ratio and delay. It has been observed that fuzzified geocast protocols developed with FLR approach outperform fuzzy based unicast protocols reported by other authors.


Geocast Routing;VANET;FLR; Mamdani; FIS;PDR


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