Experimental Investigation on Nano MoS2 Application in Milling of EN-GSJ 700-02 Cast Iron with Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL)

Çelik, Bülent ; Kaçal, Alaattin


In this study, effects of minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) conditions on machinability were investigated in milling operations, which is an important machining method. In this context, nano-sized solid lubricant MoS2 was mixed into MQL and EN-GSJ 700-02 spherical graphite cast iron was milled. Surface roughness and tool wear were examined and effects of nano-MoS2 were investigated. A range of statistical analyses such as Dunnet test was performed to determine Ra results and their relationship with experimental parameters. Positive results were obtained from nano MoS2 that was added to improve lubrication and cooling properties into fluid in MQL system. Lowest Ra value was measured as 0.47 µm in conditions of 5 bar pressure, 160 ml / min flow rate and MQL + 0.5% MoS2 spraying. A 45% improvement was achieved in these conditions. Added nano MoS2 played an alternative role on surface roughness and tool wear.


MQL; Milling; Tool wear; Surface roughness

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