Optimization of linear arrays using modified social group optimization algorithm

Eranki, Srikala VSDSNSLK; M, Vamshi Krishna ; GSN, Raju ; M, Murali


In this paper, optimization of the linear array (LA) antenna is performed using modified social group optimization algorithm (SGOA). First step of the work involves in transforming the electromagnetic engineering problem to an optimization problem which is completely described in terms of objectives. Linear array synthesis is inherently considered as a multi-attribute problem. The pattern synthesis of LA is carried out with several objectives involving sidelobe level (SLL), beam-width (BW) and desired nulls. The SLL suppression with BW constraint is considered as first objective of this work and the results are compared with several evolutionary computing algorithms like ant lion (ALO), grey wolf (GWO) and root-runner (RRA). Following this, the MSGOA is further used to synthesise null patterns in which the pattern is completely described in terms of nulls with SLL and BW as constraints. The entire simulation-based experimentation is performed using MatlabĀ® on i5 computing system.


Optimization, MSGOA, linear arrays, sidelobe levels, patterns.

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