Vol 80, No 04 (21)

Table of Contents

Rural Development Technology

Physical stability and bio-efficacy enhancement of Neem kernel aqueous extract by optimized amount of botanical synergist for the control of early stages of mosquitoes

Iqbal, Nusrat ; Dubey, Saurabh ; Kumar, Natish ; Agrawal, Amrish ; Kumar, Jitendra 297-303

Civil Engineering

Application of Multi Criteria Decision Making tools in Selection of Concrete Mix

Khan, Uzair ; Verma, Rajat ; Singh, Binod Kumar; Yadav, Vikash 304-309

Mechanical Engineering

Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Fluid-Solid Mixture Flow by Pneumatic System in Textile Industry

Kalamegam, Millerjothi ; Haimanot, Redae ; Kumar, Udaya ; Kandan, Parthiban 310-314

Microbiology and Biotechnology

Molecular Diversity Assessment in Selected Accessions of White Seeded Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) Using SSR Markers

Bal, Lalit Mohan; Yogranjan; Satpute, G K; Srivastava, A K; Mishra, Sudhakar P 315-321

Electronics & Telecommunication

A Comparative Performance Assessment of Evolutionary Fractional Order PID Controllers for Magnetic Levitation Plant with Time Delay

Acharya, Deep Shekhar; Mishra, Sudhansu Kumar; Panda, Ganapati 322-327

Computer Science & Information Technology

Segmentation and Classification of Skin Lesions from Dermoscopic Images

Harika, P Lakshmi; J, Joshan Athanesious; V, Deepika ; M, Vignesh 328-335

India’s rank and global share in scientific research: how data sourced from different databases can produce varying outcomes?

Singh, Prashasti ; Singh, Vivek Kumar; Arora, Parveen ; Bhattacharya, Sujit 336-346

Cybersecurity by Prediction of Time Synchronization Using Bayesian base Gradient Descent Approach



Arunachalam, Amutha ; K, Seetharaman ; Agarwal, Ashish 347-353

Optimization of linear arrays using modified social group optimization algorithm

Eranki, Srikala VSDSNSLK; M, Vamshi Krishna ; GSN, Raju ; M, Murali 354-359

Optimizing Plastic Injection Process Using Whale Optimization Algorithm in Automotive Lighting Parts Manufacturing

Karaoglan, Aslan Deniz; Baydeniz, Burak 360-368

Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research