Experimental Investigations on Effect of Modified Piston Geometry in CI Engine Fuelled with Blends of Diesel and Tyre Pyrolysis Oil

Sivakumar, R ; Reddy, K T; Reddy, K H


The performance and emission characteristics of modification of piston geometry on compressed ignition engine with tyre pyrolysis blends was investigated. The piston geometry was changed to grooved piston (6-holes D8 and 6 mm depth with 2x2 mm slot, each hole on piston crown and 7 V-grooves cut on piston bowl) to create automatic internal swirling of air during suction stroke. Four different blends of diesel and tyre pyrolysis oil like TPO10, TPO20, TPO30 and TPO40 were used to conduct the experiments at a constant speed of 1200 rpm. Experimental results indicate that the brake thermal efficiency, specific fuel consumption and volumetric efficiency are optimal at TPO20 i.e 20% blend with the grooved piston engine. Modified geometry piston with TPO20 blends given complete combustion as well as reduced hydro carbon, and CO emissions. Nitrogen oxides emission was remarkably maximum reduced at ideal condition operated with grooved piston compared to basic line engine. The emission rates were found linearly increasing for more than 20% of blending.


Grooved piston; NOX Emission; Swirling of air; Volumetric efficiency

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