An Authenticated Enrolment Scheme of Nodes using Blockchain and Prevention of Collaborative Blackhole Attack in WSN

Yadav, R K; Mishra, Rashmi


Security is indispensable concern part of the WSN. The reliable mechanisms and routing schemes are facing different set of encounters in the era of authentic status quo and it is also very knotty. Problem is identified in the recognition of untrusted nodes and routes followed from source to destination along with the restraint of battery status in WSN. No effective technique is there to avert the vindictive node attack. The current research article provides an algorithm of the nodes by employing the blockchain technology as far as solution to the other persisting drawbacks like identification of untrusted nodes and untrusted routes were tackled out by the help of secure AODV using blockchain. The outcomes of this research article by performing the simulation and experimental validation of the existing systems denotes the successful identification and occurrence of malicious nodes, end-to-end delay, packet delivery ratio and through put performance evaluation. The registration of the nodes in blockchain database and behaviour of black hole attack in AODV protocol was also simulated using NS2 blockchain algorithm.


AODV; End-to-end delay; Malicious nodes; Performance evaluation; Untrusted routes


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