Fuzzy Controlled 1-Φ Integrated AC/DC PFC Converter

Subbarao, M ; Sobhan, P V S; Babu, A S; Kumar, N B


Design and performance analysis of 1-Φ, single switch, isolate integrated AC/DC converter is presented in this work. In this proposed topology voltage across the bulk capacitor is low and having single switch, hence reduce in controller complexity and cost. Because of the robust and effective than conventional controllers, in this paper the fuzzy controller (FLC) is proposed to generate control signal to switch. The proposed converter has been implemented and evaluated using a Texas Instruments (TI) TMS320F2812. The proposed system is designed for input of (90–230 V, AC), 50 Hz, output of 48 V (DC) and operating at 100 kHz and verified experimentally & simulation at various load conditions. The designs and realizes digital (TMS320F2812) fuzzy controlled 1-Φ, single switch, integrated AC/DC converter meet the international regularity standards for class-C & D appliances.


Bulk capcitor; Digital Signal Processor; Power Factor Correction; Simulation

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