Enzymatic and Anti-nutritive Degrading Activities of Mycelial Moulds Isolated from Amylolytic Starters of North East India

Anupma, Anu ; Tamang, Jyoti Prakash


Dried, oval to flat-shaped, ball-like traditionally made starters with variable sizes are prepared in North Eastern regions of India for fermentation of alcoholic beverages and drink from cereals. We screened some enzymatic activities such as amylase, cellulase, l-asparaginase, lipase, protease, xylanase and also antinutritive degrading enzymes such as laccase, phytase and tannase of 44 strains of mycelial moulds, which were previously isolated from different amylolytic starter cultures of North East India. Aspergillus niger NKM-8 showed maximum amylase activity of 27.67 U/ml. A. flavus SMM-1 showed high L asparaginase activity of 8.9 U/ml. A. versicolour APM-6 showed maximum protease activity of 54.6 U/ml. Trametes hirsuta MTM-12 showed the maximum cellulase activity of 15.6 U/ml. Penicillium chrysogenum SMM-16 showed xylanase activity of 7.8 U/ml. T. hirsuta MTM-12, A. niger NKM-8 and A. niger NKM-13 exhibited maximum laccase, phytase and tannase activities.


Extracellular enzymes, Mycelial fungi, Mucor, Rhizopus, Starter cultures

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