Solvent treatment on cloud point for dewaxing in crude oil industries

Nath, Ganeswar


Dewaxing condition of all type of crude oil controlled by the cloud point temperature; the temperature where dissolved solids are no longer completely soluble, precipitating as a second phase giving the fluid a gloomy appearance. Ultrasound techniques was applied in Indian crude oil to confirm an optimum blended chemical which changes the thermo dynamical equilibrium  with a suitable operating environment capable to decrease the cloud point temperature to improve the quality of crude oil analysis. Experiments were conducted on three solvent to crude oil ratios (10: 1, 15: 1 and 20: 1) for temperature range of 10°C to 50°C, with ultrasonically determined blended chemicals for appearance of  bright spots on a black background  for better  separation. The dewaxing process was compared with two different diluents in a common extractant in terms of the efficiency of extraction and microscopic observation for wax appearance in crude oil. The results of dewaxing compared in terms of the efficiency of extraction and microscopic image visualization on crude oil. The data recorded with diluents of low carbon chain was found more suitable as compared to immediate higher carbon chain and discussed in terms of different influencing factors like oil solvent ratio, effect of temperature, settling time and influence of ultrasonic wave.


Ultrasonic wave; blended chemicals; acoustic parameters; cloud point; dewaxing

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