A Comparative performance evaluation of a set of swarm intelligence based optimization algorithms for economic operation with FACTS devices in Power system

GUPTA, VIKASH KUMAR; Mishra, Sudhansu Kumar


In this article an effective Reactive Power Management (RPM) method by using Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) has been proposed which minimizes the loss of energy, improve the power transfer capacity and reduce the overall cost of transmission network lines. The position of FACTS is optimized by two recently proposed heuristic optimization techniques, i.e., Gravitational Search Algorithm (GSA) and Teaching Learning Based Optimization (TLBO). The optimal positions of these FACTS are found by utilizing these GSA and TLBO algorithms. It is observed that by installing the FACTS in this optimal position improves the voltage profile with minimum installation cost. The overall performance of the proposed approaches is investigated by implementing it on IEEE 30-bus network.


Energy Loss, FACTS, GSA, Operating Cost, Reactive Power Management, TLBO

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