A Novel Rate Improvement Technique of Power Domain NOMA in Wireless 5G

Murali, K ; Perumal, S Siva


Error performance (EP) and capacity improvement (CI) are two important aspects essentially addressed using NOMA in the future cellular networks. In a dense user environment, transmit antenna selection NOMA (TAS-NOMA) algorithm if often employed to save the power. Apart from this antenna selection scheme, it is significant to manage sum rate calculation (i.e., spatial diversity) and delay (latency). In this paper, we propose ensemble average sum rate (EASR) algorithm which is capable of controlling the sum rate while minimizing the latency. However, it is significant to note that the system suffers non-linearity when the number of antennas enhanced in the transmitting side. The proposed technique produced better results in terms of enhanced power allocation than the conventional selection algorithm.


EASR; Latency; TAS-NOMA; Spatial diversity

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