Effect of Groove Location on Pressure Profile of Twin Axial Groove Journal Bearing

Dwivedi, Vijay Kumar; Pathak, Pooja ; Sharma, Kamal ; Saraswat, Manish


The main aim of current work is to analyze the influence of groove location on the pressure profile of the hybrid journal bearing. The objective is to develop solution algorithm and computer program which will provide pressure profile developed in the space of clearance of bearing having a given value of Somerfield number. The solution algorithm shall also provide three dimensional pressure profiles of the bearing for different groove location. It was found that groove location with respect to the loading line strongly influences the parameters of performance because of the stronger groove interference in the pressurized hydrodynamic field. The comparison of circumferential pressure with angular location from +X-axis is shown for the ratio of length to diameter which comes out to be 0.5, the clearance ratio (C/R) is found to be 0.00294 while 1125 rpm is the speed. The groove axes optimal location lies between 60° to 90° (  g =0°) to the line of loading.


Groove; Hybrid journal bearing; Pressure profile; Somerfeld number; Super laminar flow

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