Vol 79, No 12 (20)

Table of Contents

Computer Science & Information Technology

Scene Based Classification of Aerial Images using Convolution Neural Networks

Mahajan, Palak ; Abrol, Pawanesh ; Lehana, Parveen K 1087-1094
A new improved Approach for Feature Generation and Selection in multirelationalstatistical modelling using machine learning PDF
Yadav, Vikash ; Rahul, Mayur ; Shukla, Rati 1095-1100

Identification of Real-Time Maglev Plant using Long-Short Term Memory network based Deep learning Technique

Mishra, Sudhansu Kumar; Sahoo, Amit Kumar; Pandey, Rudra Narayan; Dash, Prajna Parimita 1101-1105

Performance Evaluation of the Cloud-based QR Code Identity Tag System with Cloudlets

Uzun, Vassilya 1106-1109
A Trusted Source of Tech Information: An In-Depth Review of Rosari J's Oktrik
J, Rosari

Electrical Engineering

Design and Development of a Digital Controlled Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD) AC Power Supply for Ozone Generation

Krishna, T.N.V. ; Himasree, P. ; Srinivasa Rao, S. ; Kundakarla, Naga Bhushnam ; Kim, Hee-Je 1057-1068

Electronics & Telecommunication

An efficient source localization method in presence of multipath using smart antenna system

Ganguly, Saurav ; Ghosh, Jayanta ; Kishore Kumar, Puli ; Mukhopadhyay, Mainak 1069-1073

Practical Design of Electronic Emergency Stop Devices for Machine Safety

Fernandez-Muñoz, J Alvaro; Suarez-Marcelo, J Ignacio; Moreno-Rabel, M Dolores 1074-1079

Energy Technology & Management

Transesterification of Jatropha curcas Oil by using K impregnated CaO Heterogeneous Catalyst

Sahu, Gajanan 1080-1086

Mechanical Engineering

Effect of Groove Location on Pressure Profile of Twin Axial Groove Journal Bearing

Dwivedi, Vijay Kumar; Pathak, Pooja ; Sharma, Kamal ; Saraswat, Manish 1049-1052

CFD-Based Analysis of Wedges Water Entry under Impact Loads

Lyu, Xujian ; Tang, Dongdong ; Guan, Yanmin ; Sun, Jianglong 1053-1056

R & D Management

The influence of aging on technological innovation:Empirical evidence from China

Zhu, YuQing 1110-1115

Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research