CFD-Based Analysis of Wedges Water Entry under Impact Loads

Lyu, Xujian ; Tang, Dongdong ; Guan, Yanmin ; Sun, Jianglong


The impact on a falling wedge upon water entry is numerically investigated in this paper. After verified by experimental data, the numerical framework is applied for parametric studies on wedges of different drop heights and different deadrise angles to reveal the interaction behaviour between the wedge and water during impact. Pressure distribution on the wedge surface during the water entry shows that the pressure peak moves up along the surface as impact time increases. It is found that the force peak decrease with the increase of drop height and decrease of deadrise angle of the wedge. The peak positions move positively along the timeline as the increase of deadrise angle while the peak force appears just in a small impact time range for a wedge.


CFD; Free surface; Impact; VOF; Wedge

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