Optimizing Plastic Injection Process Using Whale Optimization Algorithm in Automotive Lighting Parts Manufacturing

Karaoglan, Aslan Deniz; Baydeniz, Burak


In this study, using the whale optimization algorithm (WOA), one of the recent optimization algorithms inspired by nature, the plastic injection process parameters of an automotive sub-industry company were tried to be optimized. For this purpose, we tried to provide the maximum weight criterion for the “356 MCA Plastic Housing” (which is an automotive lighting part) produced by plastic injection method. The decrease in the weight of the product indicates that the material injected into the mold is missing and naturally indicates that there will be quality problems. In order to achieve this aim, the best factor levels were tried to be determined for the mold temperature (°C), injection speed (m/s), injection pressure (bar), holding time (s), and injection time (s), which are the controllable parameters of injection process. Factors and factor levels addressed using WOA have not been studied for this type of problem before and this is the novelty aspect of this research. Experiments performed to confirm the findings for optimum process parameters proved that the WOA method can be successfully applied to improve plastic injection process parameters. This study contains information for practicing researchers in terms of showing how the nature-inspired algorithm WOA can be applied in practical field studies.


Artificial intelligence; Nature inspired algorithms; Optimization; Regression

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