Performance of hydrodynamic porous slider bearing using water based magnetic fluid as a lubricant: effect of slip and squeeze velocity

patel, Dipak A.; Attri, Manisha J; Patel, Dilip B


This paper deals with performance of Hydrodynamic Porous inclined pad surface Slider Bearing considering slip and squeeze velocity. Water-lubricated bearings have been focused for their benefits to diminish the power loss and raise load capacity of bearing at rapid. Due to this advantage, lubricant used is water based magnetic fluid in this work. Also due to the functional property of self-lubrication, the effect of porosity is included. Under regular suppositions of hydrodynamic lubrication, the Neuringer-Rosensweig Model is considered for study. The expression of load capacity is obtained and calculated for choice of different values of squeeze velocity as well as slip velocity. It is seen that better load capacity is obtained when squeeze velocity as well as slip velocity are considered.


Bearing system, Fluid pressure, Hydrodynamic lubrication, Load carrying capacity, Neuringer-Rosensweig Model

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