Software-Supported Visualization of Mathematical Spatial-Time Distribution Models of Air-Pollutant Emissions

Ilijazi, Venezija ; Jacimovski, Stevo ; Milic, Nenad ; Popovic, Brankica M


Atmospheric pollution due to emissions of harmful gases from different sources is one of modern society's critical problems. Resolving the consequences of air-pollutants is part of the risk management process aimed at monitoring the crisis, restoration and remediation of the environment, returning to its original state, and removing the risk of a re-emergence of accidents. The need for environmental risk assessment emerged due to increased awareness of the necessity for environmental protection. Modeling air polluter dispersion processes is an essential mathematical tool for exploring pollution's impact on the natural environment. This work describes an analytical and numerical solution to the two-dimensional transport equation of turbulent diffusion in a stationary state. We present a software-based visualization of a numerical model of the harmful gas concentration distribution, depending on weather conditions, terrain configuration, and urbanization.


Air pollutants distribution, Emission monitoring, Gaussian model, Mathematical modeling, Maxima

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