Vol 80, No 10 (2021)

Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research

Table of Contents

Microbiology and Biotechnology

Applicability of Native L-Arginase produced by Streptomyces plicatus KAR73 as Antineoplastic Agent

Gumashta, Raghvendra ; Jain, Richa ; Pandey, Akanksha ; Tiwari, Prachi ; Jain, Aakanchha 841-849

Simultaneous Lipid Production and Valorization of Crude Glycerol by Mixotrophic and Heterotrophic Cultivation of Arthrospira platensis

Tosuner, Zulfiye Velioglu; Urek, Raziye Ozturk 850-857

Mechanical Engineering

Production of Grippers Working with Bernoulli’s Principle for Laparoscopic Surgery and Optimization of Parameters that Affect Air Speed Required for Pulling Force

Ertürk, Şenol 858-865

Chemical Technology

An Innovative Approach for the Detection of High Boiler Adulterants in Sandalwood and Cedarwood Essential Oils

Tripathi, Shreya ; Kumar, Prashant ; Rout, Prasant Kumar; Khare, Sunil Kumar; Naik, Satyanarayan 866-874

Computer Science & Information Technology

HoEnTOA: Holoentropy and Taylor Assisted Optimization based Novel Image Quality Enhancement Algorithm for Multi-Focus Image Fusion


Singh, Vineeta ; Kaushik, Vandana Dixit 875-886

Realisation of a Virtual Reality based Remedial Module for Cognition and Hand Function Rehabilitation

Vibhuti, Vibhuti ; Kumar, Neelesh 887-893

Stacking Machine Learning Models to Forecast Hourly and Daily Electricity Consumption of Household Using Internet of Things

Banga, Alisha ; Ahuja, Ravinder ; Sharma, S C 894-904

WeAbDeepCNN: Weighted Average Model and ASSCA based Two Level Fusion Scheme For Multi-Focus Images

Singh, Vineeta ; Kaushik, Vandana Dixit 905-914

Earth, Environment & Atmospheric sciences

Software-Supported Visualization of Mathematical Spatial-Time Distribution Models of Air-Pollutant Emissions

Ilijazi, Venezija ; Jacimovski, Stevo ; Milic, Nenad ; Popovic, Brankica M 915-923

Waste Utilization & Management

Biomass Mediated Conversion of Acidic Phosphogypsum into Alkaline Material through Thermal Treatments

Karim, Adnan Asad; Kumar, Manish ; Ray, Arati ; Hariprasad, D ; Dhal, Nabin Kumar 924-928

Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research