Synthesis and Analysis of Biomass based Green Acoustic Shielding Material

Nath, Ganeswar ; Singh, Priyanka Priyadarsini


The accelerating trend of pollution that stands in the world scenario is noise pollution, the data reported by World Health Organization (WHO) in 2018 which invites the challenges for acoustic engineers and architectural designer in kinds of industries. Designing of acoustic shielding material based on biomass has great importance due to its cutting edge scientific mechanism, structure and variety of applications in various fields. Luffa cyllindrica waste biomass as indigenously available in the most part of the world posses significant contribution in design of acoustic panel due to its versatile, smart and inbuilt networking structure. The nondestructive ultrasonic pretreatment has been used for surface modification with an alcohol blended tartaric acid. The modification in different functional group of the biomass composition and porous activated structure has been confirmed from FTIR and SEM analysis. The presence of inbuilt networking and perforated structure approaches the ideal value of sound absorption coefficient 0.831 with high insulating heat radiation and zero emission of any green house gas to environment can be potentially used as noise shielding material.


Luffa natural fiber, Sound absorption coefficient, Surfactants, Thermal insulation

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