Implementation of Area Efficient Multiple Passband FIR Filter for 5G Applications

Kalidindi, S N Raju; Terlapu, Sudheer Kumar; Krishna, M Vamshi


In television, mobile and digital signal processing applications, efficient multiband filters have great usage. The proposed architecture gives the Reconfigurable Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filter with multiple pass bands. Implementation of architecture utilizes FIR filter with control logic and frequency selection circuit. By adjusting the parameters of the filter, proper bandwidth of the pass band can be achieved and the ripple content in the pass band and stop band can be controlled. The efficient way to adjust the bandwidth is to choose the effective value of the filter length and coefficients. The area efficient multiple passband FIR filter using control logic has been proposed with order (n = 4 and 11). Target device that has been selected for implementation is Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) Virtex 4 Device. The Look-Up Tables (LUT) utilization for the implemented architecture with length of filter (n = 11) is observed to be 6%.


Block least mean square, Distributed arithmetic, FIR filter, Folded direct form, Unfolded direct form

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