Effect of Pre-drying and Microwave-assisted Vacuum Frying on Elephant Apple

Saikia, Deepanka ; Nayak, Prakash Kumar; Boruha, Bhuyashi ; Krishnan, Keshavan Radha; Dash, Uma ; Bal, Lalit Mohan


Elephant apple slices were pre-dried before being microwave-fitted vacuum-fried to limit the amount of oil absorbed while maintaining the ideal quality. Elephant apple slices were initially dried at 60°C for 27.5 min to attain the MC level of 200% db, and then trials with frying were conducted using a microwave-fitted vacuum fryer. For evaluation, three frying times of 6, 4, and 2 min at power levels of 1000, 600, and 400 W were taken into consideration.The final qualities of the fresh slices and pre-dried slices were studied in terms of colour, oil absorption and hardness. The impact of oil penetration during frying indicated that drying temperature did not affect the amount of oil or moisture in the slices after they were fried. Lower oil content and rapid colour changes resulted from higher frying temperatures. Combined pre-dried and MVF may produce fried food that is crispier (lower breaking force), healthier (lower oil content), and have a better colour.


Elephant apple slices, Microwave frying, Oil uptake, Vacuum frying

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