Synthesis and Optimization of Rhamnolipids from Tree Borne Oils and Fats for Cosmetics Applications

Bapat, Anurag ; Meshram, Ashwini ; Pradhan, Subhalaxmi ; Madankar, Chandu S


Rhamnolipids are bio-surfactants with strong surface active characteristics. These are potential additives for cosmetic formulations. The production of these molecules is possible through various routes, however, their synthesis from renewable sources using bio-agents can be environment friendly and economical. Studies on bacteria are in focus for the development of rhamnolipid bio-surfactant. Pseudomonas aeruginosa is one of the bacteria being studied in depth because of its efficiency to form rhamnolipids from a range of carbon, nitrogen, substrate sources, such as tree borne oils, modified fats and blends. The rhamnolipid synthesis process was improved using response surface approach. The produced rhamnolipid has been used for preparing a cosmetic formulation. The product has shown good stability. The current study's findings indicated that the use of mathematical modeling is extremely successful in determining optimum reaction conditions and increasing the yield of a specific bio-process.


Modified fat blends, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Rhamnolipids, Surfactant

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