Vol 81, No 06 (2022)

Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research

Table of Contents

Mechanical Engineering

Experimental Performance of Mobile Robotic System by Involving IoT Technique

Jain, Ravi Kant 573-583

Optimizing Micro-Turning Parameters during Step Turning Process on
Titanium Alloy with RSM


Selvakumar, S ; Sree Balaji, V S ; Ravikumar, K ; Ramakrishnan, V 584-593

Civil Engineering

Modal Parameter Estimation of Tall Structures using HHT with Improved EMD

Lakshmi, K ; Reddy, Varun Kasi; Rama Mohan Rao, A 594-605

Microbiology and Biotechnology

Effect of Used Engine Oil and UV-Thermal Pretreatments on Biodegradation of Low-Density Polyethylene by Lysinibacillus fusiformis TPB

Kalia, Arun ; Dhanya, M S 606-612

Chemical Technology

Synthesis and Optimization of Rhamnolipids from Tree Borne Oils and Fats for Cosmetics Applications

Bapat, Anurag ; Meshram, Ashwini ; Pradhan, Subhalaxmi ; Madankar, Chandu S 613-621

Computer Science & Information Technology

Aspergillus niger Fungus Detection using Transfer Learning Technique and Modified Backpropagation Algorithm with Inertia and Legendre Polynomial

Vinoth, Vanitha ; Madasamy, Sornam 622-632

Energy Efficient Data Transmission Scheme for Internet of Things Applications

Banerjee, Puja Banerjee ; Barnwal, Rajesh P 633-642

A Novel Method for Lip Movement Detection using Deep Neural Network

Srilakshmi, Kanagala ; Karthik, R 643-650

Modelling an Efficient Hybrid Optimizer for Handling Vehicle Routing Problem

Velusamy, Praveen ; Keerthika, P 651-662

Management of Industry & Policy Implementation

Degree of Integration of Risk Preventive Measures in the Management System of Companies in the Electricity Sector PDF
Araújo Vila, Noelia ; Fraiz-Brea, Jose Antonio; Toubes, Diego R 663-670


Effect of Green Processing on Enhancement of Thermal Conductivity of Nanofluid for Thermal Applications

Sa, Jayashree ; Nath, Ganeswar 671-682

Rural Development Technology

Design of an Innovative Tractor-Operated Seeder for Mat Type Paddy Nursery

Modi, Rajesh U; Manes, G S; Mahal, J S; Dixit, A K; Singh, Manjeet 683-694

Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research