Evaluation of in vitro and in vivo Cytotoxic Activities and Kinase Inhibition of Newly Synthesized Cyclo (Nα-Dinicotinoyl)-Bis-[(L-Valinyl)-L-Lysine Methyl Ester]

Amr, A E; Al –Omar, M A; Elsayed, E A; Azab, Mohammad E.; Sabry, Nermien M.


Cancer is a major risk disease affecting human survival. The pharmaceutical companies are continuing searching for new drug candidates with promising anticancer activities, and reduced side effects. The current work aimed at synthesized a new tripeptide with potential pharmacological properties. L-Valine methyl ester was used to prepare cyclo (Nα-dinicotinoyl)-bis-[(L-valinyl)-L-lysine methyl ester. The new compound revealed promising in vitro cytotoxic activities against different neuroblastoma, cervical carcinoma, fibrosarcoma as well as hepatocellular carcinomas. Furthermore, we also found that the obtained IC50 of the compound decreased by about 50% during its in vivo anti-prostate cancer evaluation. Furthermore, the mechanism of action studies proposes that the new prepared derivative affects cancer cells trough the inhibition of VEGFR-2 kinase enzyme.


in vitro cytotoxicity, in vivo antiprostate, Macrocyclic tripeptidopyridine ester, VEGFR-2 kinase activity

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