Vol 79, No 3 (2020)

Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research

Table of Contents

Management of Industry & Policy Implementation

Analysis of Industrial Companies Business Goals in Conditions of Uncertainty

Pravdić, Predrag ; Koprivica, Sandra Milunovic; Maric, Aleksandar ; Ristic, Olga ; Besic, Cariša 189-192

Estimating Optimal Military Spending Policy in DSGE Model: Empirical vs Theoretical Approach

Alaminos, David ; Becerra-Vicario, Rafael ; Cisneros-Ruiz, Ana José; Solano-Sánchez, Miguel Ángel 193-196

Computer Science & Information Technology

Development and use of a new Speech Quality Evaluation Parameter ESNR using ANN and Grey Wolf Optimizer

Dash, Tusar Kanti; Solanki, Sandeep Singh 197-200

Segmentation Techniques through Machine Based Learning for Latent Fingerprint Indexing and Identification

Singh, Harivans Pratap; Dimri, Priti ; Tiwari, Shailesh ; Saraswat, Manish 201-208

Kinematic Design Analysis and Optimization of Mobility System Using MATLAB

Hameed, Abdul Zubar; Krishnaraju, A ; Alqahtani, Ammar Y. 209-212

Real-Time Feedback Control for Knee Prosthesis using Motion Fusion Algorithm in 6-DOF IMU

Shaikh, Salman ; Malhotra, Akshay 213-215

Microbiology and Biotechnology

Statistical Optimization Approaches for High Cell Biomass Production of Lactobacillus casei

Eyahmalay, J ; Elsayed, E A; Dailin, D J; Ramli, S ; Sayyed, R Z; El-Enshasy, H A 216-221

Evaluation of in vitro and in vivo Cytotoxic Activities and Kinase Inhibition of Newly Synthesized Cyclo (Nα-Dinicotinoyl)-Bis-[(L-Valinyl)-L-Lysine Methyl Ester]

Amr, A E; Al –Omar, M A; Elsayed, E A; Azab, Mohammad E.; Sabry, Nermien M. 222-225

Mechanical Engineering

Effect of Machining Parameters on Turning of Inconel X750 Using PVD Coated Carbide Inserts

KAÇAL, Alaattin 226-231

Multi Response Optimization of process parameters of friction stir welded AA6061 T6 and AA 7075 T651 Using Response Surface Methodology

Raja, R ; Jannet, Sabitha ; Mohanasundaram, S 232-234

Effect of Machining Parameters on Surface Finish and Noise Patterns for Machining EN-19 Steel with PVD-TiN Coated Mixed Ceramic Inserts in CNC Turning Operation

Arora, Deepti ; Duvedi, Ravinder Kumar; Singh, Daljeet 235-240

Civil Engineering

Strengthening of Load Bearing Masonry Wall Panels with Externally Bonded Precast Textile Reinforced Concrete Laminate

Gopinath, S ; Prabhakar, J ; Madheswaran, C K; Thivya Devi, K G 241-245

Chemical Technology

N- Graphene Derivatives from Papaya Seeds: Synthesis and Chemistry

Debbarma, Jhuma ; Naik, M Jaya Prakash; Saha, Mitali ; Bhargava, Abha 246-249

Rural Development Technology

Impact of process parameters (temperature & pH) and salts on kinetics and rheological properties of Hibiscus sabdariffa L. leave puree

Meher, J ; Mazumdar, B ; Keshav, A 250-255

Effect of Processing Parameters of Mesta Sheet for Use as Eco-friendly Agrotextiles

Sengupta, Surajit ; Debnath, Sanjoy 256-260

Energy Technology & Management

Enhancement of Solar Panel Efficiency with the Adoption of Antireflective Coating Techniques

Rajvikram, M ; Leoponraj, S ; Ramkumar, S 261-265

Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research