Multi Response Optimization of process parameters of friction stir welded AA6061 T6 and AA 7075 T651 Using Response Surface Methodology

Raja, R ; Jannet, Sabitha ; Mohanasundaram, S


In this work friction stir welding of AAA 6061 T6 with 7075-T651 of 6mm thickness was carried out. A 31 run Central composite design was adopted to run the experiments. The process parameter ranges were identified based on trial runs. The optimization of the process parameters was done based on the results and plots obtained from Design Expert 10.0 software and the mathematical model was developed for the same. The microhardness tests were also studied. The advancing side was 6061 T6 due to its formability properties. Interference of each process parameters on the Tensile strength was obtained from the contour plots. The fitness was justified by Anova.


ANOVA, Mathematical model, Response surface methodology, Ultimate tensile strength


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