Effect of Machining Parameters on Surface Finish and Noise Patterns for Machining EN-19 Steel with PVD-TiN Coated Mixed Ceramic Inserts in CNC Turning Operation

Arora, Deepti ; Duvedi, Ravinder Kumar; Singh, Daljeet


This paper presents a relationship between the surface finish, machining conditions and the noise level generated by the turning operation for machining of EN-19 alloy steel using PVD-TiN coated mixed ceramic (Al2O3+TiCN) inserts on a CNC turning centre under wet lubrication conditions. The machining parameters considered in this study include cutting velocity, feed rate and depth of cut. The levels of machining parameters for the experimental investigation are determined using full factorial experiment model and ANOVA is applied to find the effect of machining parameters on surface roughness. Additionally, noise generated during the cutting operation for all set of experiment trials is recorded to determines the relationship between machining conditions and the surface finish.


CNC turning, Frequency spectrum analysis, Surface finish optimization


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