N- Graphene Derivatives from Papaya Seeds: Synthesis and Chemistry

Debbarma, Jhuma ; Naik, M Jaya Prakash; Saha, Mitali ; Bhargava, Abha


A two-step synthesis of nitrogen containing graphene (N-graphene) from papaya seeds is reported here. The preparation of N-graphene from a non-graphitic nitrogen containing precursor, without doping is really a challenging task. However, when papaya seeds were pyrolyzed at 250 oC temperature for 2 hrs, it led to the formation of N-GO without any additional oxidizing agent. Further, N-GO was converted to Nr-GO in presence of thiourea as a reducing agent. The synthesized N-GO was found to remove 82 % of iron from ground water.


N-GO, Nr-GO, Papaya seeds, Pyrolysis, Thiourea

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