Improvement of Thermal Insulation and Crack Resistance of Plaster of Paris Composites at High Temperature

Chauhan, Mohit ; Teotia, Meenu ; Soni, R K


In the present work, silica gel is extracted from raw rice husk, incorporated in Plaster of Paris formulations and casted into sheets of varying thicknesses. The sheets were tested for thermal insulation at 60, 100, 150 & 200 °C and compared with blank formulations. Plaster of Paris composites with silica gel have shown remarkable increase in thermal insulation properties and crack resistance. Thermally insulated Plaster of Paris composites with excellent crack resistance have been developed which can be used competently for prolonged times even at high temperatures offering better serviceability and safety to the buildings.


Plaster of Paris, Rice husk, Silica gel, Thermal insulation


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