Vol 80, No 12 (2021)

Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research

Table of Contents

Microbiology and Biotechnology

Assessment of Anti-microbial and Anti-oxidant Activities of Modified Guar Gum PDF
Dhua, Manabendra ; Maiti, Sabyasachi ; Sen, Kalyan Kumar 1033-1041

Rural Development Technology

Automatic Ejection of Plug-type Seedlings using Embedded System for use in Automatic Vegetable Transplanter

Khadatkar, Abhijit ; Mathur, S M; Dubey, kumkum ; Magar, A P 1042-1048

Earth, Environment & Atmospheric sciences

Geographic and Within Tree Variation for Wood Properties in Acrocarpus fraxinifolius Wight and Arn. Populations

Ashwath, M N; Sathish, B N; Deepthi, N L Dechamma; Devagiri, G M; Hegde, Ramakrishna K; Hareesh, T S 1049-1055

Effects of Adding MSW Compost, Lime and Commercial Soil Improvers on Soil Heavy Metal Concentrations

Ozbas, Emine Elmaslar; Catalbas, Ahsen 1056-1065

Electronics & Telecommunication

Effect of Data Preprocessing in the Detection of Epilepsy using Machine Learning Techniques

Pandian, R ; Sabarivani, A ; Ramadevi, R ; Krishnamoorthy, N R 1066-1077

Computer Science & Information Technology

Distributed systems, Formal methods, Load balancing, Proof obligations, Rodin, Verification

Yadav, Pooja ; Suryavanshi, Raghuraj ; Yadav, Divakar 1078-1090

Data Congestion Prediction in Sensors Based IoT Network


Maheshwari, Aastha ; Yadav, Rajesh Kumar; Nath, Prem 1091-1095

Management of Industry & Policy Implementation

Performance Prediction Reliability of Computer-aided Work Simulations
and Employment Tests: A Case of Selecting Blue-collar Employees
for Repetitive Tasks

Kaya, Tekiner 1096-1106

Risk Prioritization and Management in Gas Stations by using Fuzzy AHP and IPA Analysis

Mohsin, Muhammad ; Zhan-ao, Wang ; Shijun, Zhang ; Hengbin, Yin ; Weilun, Huang 1107-1116

Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research