Vol 81, No 04 (2022)

Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research

Table of Contents

Electrical Engineering

Adaptive Voltage and Current Control to Improve Stability and Restoration of Operation after the Occurrence of a Transient Fault in The Inverter-based Standalone Microgrid

Shobeiry, Seyed Mohammad; Ameli, Mohammad Taghi; Oveysikian, Ali ; Rahimi, Ali 339-348

Energy Technology & Management

Figures of Merit for Wind and Solar PV Integration in Electricity Grids

Nnodim, Chiebuka T; Kpu, Gerald Cham; Okhuegbe, Samuel N; Ajani, Ayodeji A; Adebayo, Segun ; Diarah, Reuben S; Aliyu, Samuel J; Onokwai, Anthony O; Osueke, Christian O 349-357


Effect of Temperature and Strain Rate Variation on Tensile Properties of a Defective Nanocrystalline Copper-Tantalum Alloy

Gupta, Mahesh Kumar; Mahapatra, Rajendra Prasad; Panwar, Vinay 358-366

Mechanical Engineering

Synthesis of DC–3074 and Z–1 Silicones Modified Epoxy Resin and Comparison of Salt Spray Resistance

Yang, Zhonghua ; Fu, Gui ; Li, Hua 367-373

Parametric Optimization of Producer Gas fuelled Spark Ignition Engine through Thermodynamic Modelling

Shah, Parth D.; Doodhwala, Saurabh P.; Mistry, Utsav J.; Channiwala, Salim A. 374-383

Development of Electro-Hydraulic Hitch Control System through Lower Link Draft Sensing of a Tractor

Singha, Partha Sarathi; Kumar, Avinash ; Sarkar, Sudipto ; Baishya, sauryajyoti ; Kumar, Pradeep 384-392

Rural Development Technology

Shelf-life Prolongation of Spring Groundnut Pods (Arachis hypogaea L.) using Packaging Systems

Singh, Ramandeep ; Kaur, Gagandeep ; Kaur, Gurjeet 393-401

Design and Development of Site Specific Grape Vineyard Fertilizer Applicator Prototype

Jyoti, Bikram ; Thorat, Deepak S; Singh, K P; Kumar, Manoj ; Magar, Ajit ; Parmar, Bhupendra Singh 402-407

Computer Science & Information Technology

Time Series Traffic Flow Prediction with Hyper-Parameter Optimized ARIMA Models for Intelligent Transportation System

Kumar, Praveen B; Hariharan, K 408-415

Microbiology and Biotechnology

Production of Aspergillus quadrilineatus MT083999 Chitinase, β-1,3-Glucanase and Nano-silver Important for Biocontrol of Fusarium spp. Infecting Crops

Abd El Aty, Abeer ; Ashour, Warda E 416-425

Aroma Profile and Phenolic Content of Honey Wine Produced from Wild Rose Fruit

BÜYÜKSIRIT BEDİR, Tuba ; Kuleaşan, Hakan 426-433

Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research