The Social Web as a Communication Tool in Indian Science Communication

Srimany, Bakul


Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many other social networking sites have now became an integrated part of our lives. These sites allow users to interact and share online content and connect with like-minded people. Its strengths are rapid dissemination and amplification of content. Social media tools can be some of the most rewarding and informative resources for science communicators, especially in a developing country like India, by generating public awareness of science, public understanding of science, scientific culture and science literacy. As individuals increasingly seek information online about science and technology issues, public communication of science via online platforms becomes an ever more important opportunity to facilitate dialogue between science and society.

This study discusses whether the main aim is simply to reach a wide audience or to engage meaningfully with a smaller audience in a most trustworthy manner. It also discusses how to use social web as an effective communication tool in the Indian context. This will be based on primary data collected through interviews, survey and by rigorous analysis of collected data.


Communication, Social Media, Science Communication, Communication tools, Digital Communication

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