Understanding Scientific Temperament and Assessing its Social Relevance

Saxena, Abhishek


Most people have wrongly understood scientific temperament. Though efforts have been made for long to inculcate scientific temper and rational thinking among the lay-public, it has largely been an unsuccessful attempt. One of the major factors may be the tendency of society to submit to every belief and viewpoint of our ancestors, without ever testing its feasibility or its relevance in the changing times. Educating the young can have a positive effect on development of scientific temper in the society. Students should be encouraged to reason and argue with their teachers, mentors, and elders in a healthy manner and should employ a do-it-yourself approach in analyzing situations and solving problems. They should also be encouraged to read the ancient texts in order to critically analyze them and accept or decline the claims that they make based on one’s rational thinking.


Scientific temperament, Argumentative nature, Curiosity, Atheism, Social evil, Superstitions

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