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Started in 1964, this journal publishes original research articles in the following areas: structure-function relationships of biomolecules; biomolecular recognition, protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions; gene-cloning, genetic engineering, genome analysis, gene targeting, gene expression, vectors, gene therapy; drug targeting, drug design; molecular basis of genetic diseases; conformational studies, computer simulation, novel DNA structures and their biological implications, protein folding; enzymes structure, catalytic mechanisms, regulation; membrane biochemistry, transport, ion channels, signal transduction, cell-cell communication, glycobiology; receptors, antigen-antibody binding, neurochemistry, ageing, apoptosis, cell cycle control; hormones, growth factors; oncogenes, host-virus interactions, viral assembly and structure; intermediary metabolism, molecular basis of disease processes, vitamins, coenzymes, carrier proteins, toxicology; plant and microbial biochemistry; surface forces, micelles and microemulsions, colloids, electrical phenomena, etc. in biological systems. Solicited peer reviewed articles on contemporary Themes and Methods in Biochemistry and Biophysics form an important feature of IJBB. Impact Factor of IJBB is 0.357 (JCR 2018).

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Vol 56, No 6 (2019): IJBB Vol.56(6) [December 2019]

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High expression of nucleophosmin is closely related to the grade and invasion of colorectal cancer PDF
Yang, Zhaowei ; Qiao, Lu ; Chao, Yang ; Liu, Juan ; Di, Yanqing ; Sun, Jing ; Zhang, Jiebing ; Huang, Lihong ; Guo, Honghua ; He, Chengyan 420-426
Serum glutamine synthetase activity as biomarker for tuberculosis diagnosis and monitoring anti-tubercular drug therapy success PDF
Kumar Chattopadhyay, Dipak 427-432
Cloning and sequencing of α-2u globulin of rat preputial gland to assess its longevity in the context of developing an effective rodent trap PDF
Silambarasan, V ; Gayathiri, S ; Deepalakshmi, G ; Shahitha Banu, M ; Nithya, V ; Archunan, G 433-438
Correlation of uric acid levels and purine metabolism enzyme activities in plasma and liver tissues of diabetic rats PDF
Gowda CV, Yogaraje ; S, Senthilkumar ; RT, Kashinath 439-444
Ultraviolet-c haematogenous oxidation therapy of lipopolysaccharide-induced endotoxemia in a rabbit model: A biochemical study PDF
Osman Adam, Gareeballah ; Kim, Gi-Beum ; Lee, Sei-Jin ; Lee, Heeryung ; Kim, Shang-Jin ; Kim, Jin-Shang ; Kang, Hyung-Sub 445-454
Effect of Arthrospira platensis against Sodium fluoride induced haematological alterations PDF
Yadav, Pulala Raghuveer ; Raghavendra, Mitta ; Rao, Tokala Nageswar 455-459
Impact of electroplating industry effluent on the electrophoretic protein pattern of serum in the freshwater fish Cyprinus carpio PDF
Borgia, VJ Florence ; Thatheyus, AJ ; Murugesan, AG 460-465
Proteomic changes in response to lipin1 overexpression in 293T human renal epithelial cells PDF
Wang, Jian ; Lv, Xiaoguang ; Sun, Jing ; Peng, Min ; Shi, Ping 466-474
Encapsulation of fungal extracellular enzyme cocktail in cellulose nanoparticles: enhancement in enzyme stability PDF
Yuen, Tan Wan ; Gopinath, Subash CB ; Anbu, Periasamy ; Kasim, Farizul Hafiz ; Yaakub, Ahmad Radi Wan ; Lakshmipriya, Thangavel ; Lee, Choul-Gyun 475-483
Changes of phenolic compounds in LebZIP2-overexpressing transgenic plants PDF
Seong, Eun Soo ; Lee, Jae Geun ; Chung, Ill-Min ; Yu, Chang Yeon 484-491
In silico characterization of structural and functional impact of the deleterious SNPs on FSHR gene PDF
Janani, Dakshina Moorthy ; Poornima, Gopalakrishnan ; Usha, Balasundaram 492-499
Pharmacological studies of Zinc oxide Nanoparticles PDF
Deekala, Veronica ; Babu, Bonige Kishore ; Rudraraju, Rameshraju 500-505
Cannabis as homeopathic medicine in extreme dilutions: Thermal analysis for their differentiation and action on a protein PDF
Mondal, Priya ; Sukul, Nirmal Chandra ; Konar, Atheni ; Sarkar, Tandra ; Sohel, Md Amir ; Sengupta, Asmita ; Chakraborty, Indrani ; Sukul, Anirban 506-513
Genome cloning and genetic diversity of Apple chlorotic leaf spot virus PDF
Chen, Wei ; Jing, Xiaoya ; Sun, Liuqing ; Cai, Hua Cheng ; Wang, Yiling 514-519

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