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IJBB Vol. 58 (5) [October 2021]

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Minor Review

Phytochemicals against COVID-19 and a gap in clinical investigations: An outlook PDF
Yadav, VK ; Kaushik, Prashant 403-407


Oral insulin delivery using artificial peptide PDF
V Adikane, Harashavardhan 408-415
In silico screening of some naturally occurring bioactive compounds predicts potential inhibitors against SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) protease PDF
Kumar Mishra, Ashok ; Gupta, Vimlesh ; Prakash Tewari, Satya 416-425
New insights of RA-V cyclopeptide as an autophagy inhibitor in human COLO 320DM cancer cell lines PDF
Ravindra Wagh, Uttara ; Rupachandra, S 426-433
Purified Extract of Costus pictus D. Don containing 25 kDa protein induces antidiabetic activity by down-regulating gsk3β gene expression in pancreatic cell lines in vitro PDF
G, Nevin K; Gopalakrishnan C, Akhil ; Benny A, Merina 434-443
Purification and characterization of an extracellular alkaline cold-adapted serine metalo-protease from the cold tolerant bacterium, Stenotrophomonas sp. BTR88 PDF
Shahnavaz, Bahar ; Nikbakhti, Reihaneh ; Asoodeh, Ahmad 444-450
Effect of Emblica officinalis fruits against metallic-lead induced biochemical and hematological alterations in Wistar rats PDF
Rajkumar, R ; Ilango, B ; Savidha, R ; Vinothkumar, K ; Ezhilarasan, D ; Sukumar, E 451-456
Efficient solid base derived from eggshell for heterogeneous biodiesel production PDF
Li, Zhaoyi ; Zhang, Zhifang ; Lian, Yubo ; Zhao, Yifei ; Zhang, Jie ; Qu, Chengtun ; Tang, Ying 457-463
Identification of bioactive compounds with anti-inflammatory potential in the methanolic fruit extract of Areca catechu L. (Palmaceae) PDF
Sharaf, Shehna ; Chinchu, JU ; Rahitha Devi, SJ ; Prakash Kumar, B 464-471
BMI and adipocytokine changes in COPD exacerbation and stable COPD PDF
Cambay, Zafer ; Ilhan, Nevin ; Susam, Solmaz ; Muz, Mehmet Hamdi 472-477
Silver nanoparticles loaded pyrrole based pesticidal metabolites (AgNps-PFM) nanoconjugate induced impact on the gut microbion and immune response against lepidopteron pest Spodoptera litura (Fab.) PDF
Raja Namasivayam, S Karthick ; Bharani, RS Arvind 478-485
Weather based rules for yellow mosaic disease prediction on soybean in Madhya Pradesh
Mohan Bal, Lalit ; K Srivastava, Ajay ; S Marabi, Rakesh ; Yogranjan 486-497

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