Fabrication and investigation of superhydrophobic surface by dip coating

Megaraj, Meikandan ; Vellaisamy, Dr. Kumaresan ; Ramalingam, Dr. Velraj


The present research work is focused on to fabricate and examine the characteristics of a superhydrophobic surface on copper (Cu) substrates by dip coating method. Three different samples of ‘Cu’ are set with chemical etching, mechanical rubbing and the combination of above two methods. The variations in the exteriorsurface morphologies have been examined by profilometer, scanning electron microscope and energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy. The adapted samples are immersed in a solution of silver nitrate follow by immersing in a combination of ethanol and perflurodecyltriethoxysilane for 10 min. The presence of leaf and dendrites assemblies have been observed on the surface, which are useful to trap the air between them and the entrapment allows water to roll off from the surface. The outcomes reveal that the modified substrates have a water contact angle (WCA) of 159° in the case of ‘Cu’ using combination of chemical etching and mechanical rubbing followed by immersion coating. The proposed methodology has the advantage of size compatibility and easy scale up for the development of superhydrophobic surface on copper in a cost and time effective manner.


Dip-Coating; Dendrites; Etching; Microstructure; Superhydrophobic Surfaces

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