Vol 29, No 6 (2022)

Indian Journal of Chemical Technology

Table of Contents


Synthesis and characterization of Fe2O3 nanoparticles incorporated PVA nanocompositefilms PDF
Goud, J Satheesh; Narsimlu, N 737-744


Development of silver nanoparticle stabilized poly (aniline -co- pyrrole) for electrochemical application PDF
Murugan, E ; Lyric, F ; Janakiraman, K ; Saranya, S ; Sri, M Kaviya 697-705
Sonocatalytic degradation of direct blue dye using semiconductor nanocatalyst PDF
Sivasamy, A ; Bhavani, R 599-615
Molecular docking and computational studies investigation on a bioactive anti-cancer drug: Thiazole derivatives PDF
Viji, A ; Vijayakumar, R ; Balachandran, V ; Vanasundari, K ; Janaki, M 616-634
Designing efficient metal complex catalysts for acylation: A comparative study with soluble and insoluble catalysts systems PDF
Murugan, E ; Arunachalam, P 635-646
Biocompatible dendrimer for the solubility enhancement and sustained release of piroxicam PDF
Murugan, E ; Yogaraj, V ; Geetharani, D P 647-657
Solvothermal synthesis and characterization studies of selenium decorated reduced graphene oxide supported CuSe2 nanoparticles as efficient electrochemical catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction PDF
Anand, D Prem ; Ajith, P ; Agnes, J ; Muthu, M Sappani 658-667
Amphiphilic dendrimer loaded prussian blue nanoparticle for the detection of hydrogen peroxide PDF
Murugan, Eagambaram ; Pakrudheen, Iqbal ; Bathinapatla, Ayyappa 668-677
Ag/ZnO nanocomposite for effective dye degradation in presence of sunlight and antibacterial activity PDF
Vergheese T, Mary ; Simiyon G, Gnanamani 766-770
pH and temperature dual-sensitive molecular imprint polymers for BSA based on Cu2+ coordination PDF
Zhang, Qiuyu ; Dong, Xiangzhi ; Zhang, Baoliang 678-687
Comparative analysis on electrochemical properties of CeO2/rGO and CeO2/MoS2 nanocomposites for supercapacitor applications PDF
M, Arivanandhan ; Ismail M, Mohamed ; J, Aishwarya ; J, Prasath ; Nedunchezhian A S, Alagar ; V, Manimuthu ; T, Sivakumar T ; I, Sarris ; R, Jayavel 688-696
Preparation and characterization of hybrid nanofibrous polymer scaffolds for tissue engineering applications PDF
K Periyasamy, Bhuvana ; Ramar, Gurumoorthi ; Ashokumar, Sangeetha ; Bensingh, R Joseph 706-712
Synthesis and characterization of graphene nanosheets for electrochemical quantification of chlorpheniramine maleate drugs using a modified glassy carbon electrode PDF
Murugan, E ; Poongan, A ; Kesavaand, M ; Vinitha, A 713-720
Synthesis of 4-(benzyloxy)biphenyl under a multi-site phase-transfer catalyst along with ultrasonication – A kinetic study PDF
Sathiyaraj, M ; Ramya, R ; Tamizharasu, G ; Rajendran, V ; Venkatesh, P 721-728
Ionic liquid mediated synthesis of 4, 4'diamino azo benzene substituted aliphatic polyamides and thermal studies PDF
Sridevi, B ; Chitra, M ; Suja R, Nalini 729-736
Cobalt(II), copper(II) and zinc(II) complexes of di-2-pyridyl ketone-4- methoxybenzhydrazone: Preparation and characterization PDF
S, Sakthivel ; L K A, Nishana ; Kurup, M R Prathapachandra 745-752
Silver ferrite embellished graphene oxide heterogenous nanocomposite for efficient electrochemical detection of gallic acid PDF
Murugan, E ; Sri, M Kaviya ; Janakiraman, K ; Saranya, S ; Lyric, F ; Sahoo, N Sathyabarata 753-759
Nanocomposite cotton fabrics with in situ formed copper nanoparticles using citrus lemon leaf extract as reducing agent PDF
CH, Srinivas ; Rajulu A, Varada ; K, Manjula ; B, Ashok ; Goud K, Krishnamurthy ; N, Hariram ; N, Narsimlu 760-765
Effect of Yupingfeng granule assisted fluticasone propionate nasal spray on patients with AR and its regulation on IL-5, ICAM-1 and ECP PDF
Qiao, Yanming ; She, Xiumei ; Fan, Yuling Fan ; Yuan, Qian ; Bai, Yunyun 776-781
Anti-tuberculosis potential of bruceine: An in silico approach PDF
Harichandran, G ; Akshata, C R ; Murugan, E 782-787
Effect of butylphthalide combined with ozagrel sodium on cerebral perfusion and oxidative stress indexes in patients with transient ischemic attack PDF
Li, Na ; Gong, Ping 788-792
Efficacy and survival analysis of apatinib combined with capecitabine chemotherapy for second-line treatment of advanced esophageal cancer PDF
Xu, Jinfa ; Cai, Qing ; Zhang, Xiufang ; Zhang, Jianhua 793-798
Effects of patient-controlled analgesia using dexmedetomidine combined with sufentanil on caesarean section and hemodynamics PDF
Li, Gencui ; Fang, Peidi 799-804
Correlation between serum D-dimer andrisk of gestational diabetes mellitus PDF
Chen, Danqing ; Cheng, Efen 805-809
Investigations of the optical and electrical properties of carbon quantum dots doped conducting polymers for organic solar cell applications PDF
Stalin, T ; Esakkimuthu, S 771-775

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