Vol 59, No 10 (2021)


Table of Contents


Probiotics in Pediatrics PDF
Vijayaraghavan, S ; Bangotra, Ridhika ; Somasekar, R ; Bhuminathan, S ; Bajaj, Bijender Kumar 653-661
Micronutrients for child health PDF
Gui, Hong ; Hamid, Aaqib ; Hamid, Jozey 662-670


Tinospora cordifolia (Willd.) Hook. f. and Thoms. and Arabinogalactan exert chemopreventive action during B(a)P induced pulmonary carcinogenesis: Studies on ultrastructural, molecular and biochemical alterations PDF
Mohan, Vandana ; Koul, Ashwani 671-687
Secoisolariciresinol diglucoside lignan concentrate of flaxseeds exhibits chemoprotective role in non-melanoma skin cancer through inhibition of CDK4 and upregulation of p53 PDF
Patel, Yash S; Patel, Bhoomika M 688-696
Cinnamon oil nanoemulsion as a novel nanocarrier for bleomycin amplifies its apoptotic effect on SKOV-3 ovarian cancer cells PDF
Alkhatib, Mayson H; Alghamdi, Rawan S; Balamash, Khadijah S; Khojah, Sohair M 697-704
Correlations of synergistic effect of glucocorticoids on tacrolimus with CYP3A, MDR1 and PXR gene polymorphisms in pediatric patients receiving liver transplantation for malignancy and chronic liver disease PDF
Yan, Ting ; Xu, Chan ; Huang, Hongmei 705-710
Biological function and regulation mechanism of MTA2 expression in bladder cancer PDF
Xiao, Jiguang ; Chen, Jinqu ; Zheng, Bo ; Xu, Liming ; Wu, Zhun 711-716
Expression and correlation of PBRM1 and P53 in clear cell carcinoma of kidney PDF
Zhang, Qi ; Zhang, Zhiyu ; Xu, Yingkun ; Chen, Yougen 717-721
Expression of Twist 1 in bone marrow and extramedullary lesions of patients with myeloma and its prognostic significance PDF
Han, Mei ; Zhang, Liyan ; Liu, Jiao ; Liu, Yang ; Cai, Ying ; Hu, Bing ; Tian, Na ; Leng, Bing ; Li, Zunyan 722-726
Effects of propofol combined with remifentanil on hemodynamics and stress response in children undergoing surgery for oral cancers, tonsil and adenoid surgery PDF
Yang, Zhenhua ; Li, Shengping ; Jin, Lisong ; Ke, Juying ; Kong, Ming 727-733
Effects of ultrasound-guided brachial plexus block in combination with sevoflurane general anesthesia via laryngeal mask on upper limb tumor and fracture surgery for children based on inflammatory stress response PDF
Zhan, Linsen ; Zhang, Yunfeng ; Huang, Gang ; Li, Dong ; Lan, Yunping 734-739
Efficacy and safety of anlotinib in patients with advanced colorectal cancer and analysis of prognostic factors PDF
Tian, Hong ; Chu, Xiaoli ; Pang, Lin ; Liu, Jianjun 740-744


Endoscopic therapy for early colorectal cancer:a retrospective study PDF
Wang, Yadan ; Wu, Jing ; Su, Hui ; Liu, Kuiliang ; Wei, Nan ; Lin, Wu ; Guo, Chun mei; Liu, Hong ; Wang, Canghai 745-750
Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia: a rare inherited multisystem disorder PDF
Srinithi, R ; Ramya, R ; Sundari, S 751-753

Indian Journal of Experimental Biology (IJEB)