Heat transfer and magnetohydrodynamic nanofluids flow behaviors past a nonlinear stretching surface considering viscous dissipation and Joule heating

Chaudhary, Santosh ; Kanika, KM ; Chaudhary, Susheela


Mathematical investigation is presented to examine the magnetohydrodynamic boundary layer flow of viscous nanofluids bygone a nonlinear stretched plate among cumulative impact of viscous dissipation and Joule heating. Physical formulation produced a system of partial differential equations which are converted into a set of ordinary differential equations through employing suitable similarity variables. For numerical solutions of resulting governing equations of flow, a Keller-box method is addressed. Results of dimensionless velocity and dimensionless temperature for impacts of various nanoparticles types along to water base fluid and for effects of physical parameters namely solid volume fraction, nonlinear stretching parameter, magnetic parameter and Brinkmann number are deliberated via graphs. Additionally, surface shear stress and surface heat flux for selected suitable values of pertinent parameters are computed and explicated via table.


Heat transfer; Magnetohydrodynamic; Nanofluids flow; Nonlinear stretching surface; Viscous dissipation; Joule heating

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