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Vol 29, No 4 (2022): IJEMS-AUGUST 2022

Table of Contents


Effect of water and mercury quenching on microstructure and mechanical behavior of room temperature rolled Zircaloy-2
Goel, Sunkulp ; Singh, Dharmendra ; Kumar, Nikhil ; Kumar, Abhishek ; Singh, Punit 432-436
Synthesis of diamagnetic ZnO nano-crystallites via sol-gel method and their photocatalytic activity
Kumar, Deepak ; Mehata, Mohan Singh 437-444
Performance evaluation and multi-response hybrid optimization of grinding assisted rotary disk ECDM during cutting of Al-6063 SiCp MMC
Jha, Naveen Kumar; Kumar, Sandeep ; Arya, Rajendra Kumar; Dvivedi, Akshay ; Rajesha, Shivanna 445-458
Investigation of active surface area of tool electrode and peak current on discharge energy during ECDM process
Rathore, Ranjeet Singh; Dvivedi, Akshay 459-464
Synthesis and structural characterization of magnetic semiconductor silver iron germanium selenide (Ag2FeGeSe4)
Delgado, Gerzon E; Quintero, Eugenio ; Tovar, Rafael ; Quintero, Miguel ; Rincon, Carlos ; Delgado-Niño, Pilar 465-469
Finite element analysis and optimization of active magnetic bearings for contra-rotating coaxial rotor system
Singh, Shashank Shekhar; Kumar, Punit 470-480

Finite-element analysis method to ensure the safety of invisible capping beams reinforced via the quick-replacement method

Shuai, Tian ; Sun, Bo ; Zhang, Luyang 481-492

Determination of thermal properties of ternary Al-La-Ni cast alloy

Çadırlı, Emin ; Üstün, Erkan 493-501

Colour discernment of tomatoes using machine vision system with OpenCV Python and Raspberry Pi

Joice, Astina ; Rajkumar, P. ; Deepa, J ; Arulmari, R 502-508
Machine learning based framework for network intrusion detection system using stacking ensemble technique
Parashar, Anshu ; Saggu, Kuljot Singh; Garg, Anupam 509-518
Exergetic and Enviroeconomic analysis of a novel PVT array with triangular duct for building application
SHARMA, AMIT ; Kumar, Ravi ; Shekhar, Chandra 519-525
Influence of natural fibers on mechanical, thermal, water absorption and morphological characteristics of Kevlar Hybrid Epoxy composites for shipbuilding application
S, Dinesh ; C, Elanchezhian ; B, Vijayaramnath ; A, Adinarayanan 526-533
Characterization of Tenth century seenakesavaperumal temple building materials
Kumar, Shiva ; Selvaraj, Thirumalini ; R, Simona Raneri 534-539
Hardness and corrosion resistance of Zn−Mn/Al2O3 composite coatings produced by electrochemical deposition
Bucko, Mihael ; Riđošić, Marija ; Kovačina, Jovanka ; Tomić, Milorad ; Bajat, Jelena 540-549

Review Articles

Recycling and potential utilization of red mud (Bauxite Residue) for construction industry applications PDF
Raghubanshi, Ashutosh Singh; Mudgal, Manish ; Chouhan, Ramesh Kumar; Kumar, Anil ; Srivastava, Avanish Kumar 401-410
Influence of output impedance of an inverter on its droop control strategies in a microgrid
Rajendran, Madhuvanthani ; Govindasamy, Sundar 411-427
Comparative study of pre-engineered building and space truss building with different span
KANDHASAMY, SRINIVASAN ; K, Selvakumar 428-431

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