Surface plasmon based fiber optic refractive index sensor

Selvendran, Sakkarai ; Avaninathan, Sivanantha Raja; Kadarkarai, Esakki Muthu; Srinivasan, Yogalakshmi


This paper has proposed a surface plasmon resonance-based photonic crystal fiber (PCF) sensor to detect even a small change in refractive index (RI) values of analytes. The impact on sensor performance by Bezier polygon core structure of the PCF and gold coating in an air hole have been carried out. The sensor resonance wavelength and the respective confinement loss are analyzed for various Bezier polygon parameters and for various gold coating thicknesses. Also, a comparison between gold filling and gold coating in an air hole of PCF have been undertaken to show the superiority of the gold coating in sensor performance. The promising sensor performance has been noted down above the analyte RI of about 1.3 with an upright sensitivity of about 7000 nm/RIU. This type of sensor is of great interest in medical and industrial applications.



Surface plasmon resonance, Hollow core photonic crystal fibers, Refractive index, Sensors, Sensitivity

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