Study of cutting ability of centrifugal cast HSS cutting tool in optimized process parameters

Mohapatra, Shubhashree ; Sarangi, Hrushikesh ; Mohanty, Upendra kumar


The purpose of the investigation is to propose an innovative method of single point cutting tool development adopting centrifugal casting operations. Scrapped cutting tools are melted, cast into cylindrical bars adopting centrifugal casting method, machined for developing single point cutting tools, and heat-treated for the conduct of cutting operations. Adopting Taguchi optimisation technique and considering the-smaller-the better approach, optimisation of cutting parameters viz, cutting velocity, depth of cut and feed rate for minimum surface roughness and cutting force are attempted during dry turning of mild steel (A36). Evaluation of the effect of cutting parameters on the output such as the surface roughness and the cutting force is done by using ANOVA software. The above mention studies are also repeated with the HSS cutting tool available in the market (HSS M2). The cutting ability of both tools on the basis of cutting parameters, as mentioned above is found to be at par. Also, analysis of wear characteristics yielded almost similar results. The study verifies the centrifugal casting method as a viable method for the development of single point cutting tools using scrapped tools.


Cutting tool, Cutting parameters, Taguchi optimization technique, Surface roughness, Form stability

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