Fabrication, micro structural and mechanical characterization of Zircon Particles (ZrSiO4) reinforced Aluminum alloy (MMCs)

Prakash, Ravitej Y; Boganarasimhaiah, Mohan C; Gangadharaiah, Anantha Prasad M


This paper presents the review on fabrication, Microstructural analysis, and Mechanical Characterization of Zircon silicate Particles (ZrSiO4 ) / Aluminum Alloy composite using the stir casting method. Aluminum alloy is known for its low density, high ratio of strength and weight, improved mechanical property, and corrosion resistance. Particulate reinforcement is widely preferred because of its isotropic properties which ease the homogenous distribution with the aluminum and its alloy. Zirconparticles (ZrSiO4) are the combination of ZrO2 , SiO2 , Fe3O2 , TiO2 , and Al2O3 . This review encapsulates the recent research work on different fabrication techniques, different characterizations, Microstructural analysis, and Fractroscopic studies on different Aluminum alloy matrix and ceramic materials reinforcement combination composites which improve physical, Corrosion resistant, microstructural, and mechanical properties.


Zircon particle, Aluminum alloy, Stir casting, Mechanical micro structural properties

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