Buckling load for telescopic cylinder using successive approximation method

Gupta, Sumit Kumar; Prakash, Jatin ; Kankar, Pavan Kumar


In this manuscript, a new way of determining the buckling load of the two-stage both end-hinged, single acting hydraulic cylinder has been engrossed using successive approximation method. The method has been extended from single stage hydraulic cylinder to the two-stage hydraulic cylinder mounted with pin support at both ends. This method includes a few numbers of iterations required in order to achieve good accuracy or in other words getting the minimum error. Further, finite element analysis of the hydraulic cylinder has also been performed for the validation purpose. The buckling mode shape for three different modes and their corresponding buckling load has also been obtained using the finite element method. The approximation of the buckling load corresponding to the first buckling mode shape has been performed and observed load lies in the close vicinity of theoretical calculation. The critical load obtained using a successive approximation method after two iteration shows the minor deviation of 3.63%.


Hydraulic cylinder, buckling, Successive approximation method, Finite element analysis

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