Analysis of key performance indicators for sustainable manufacturing in sugar industry using analytical hierarchy process

Patil, Hanamantagouda Rangangouda; Javalagi, Channappa Muttappa


Industries around the globe are facing challenges with respect the implementation of sustainable manufacturing in their respective firms. Sugar industries are pointed as a major consumer of natural raw materials, energy, and pollutants, resulting in a major concern, which demands an immediate attention as it contributes to global warming at large. Hence, assessing sustainability in this industry has become an essential. This paper makes an effort to recognize vital key performance indicators (KPIs) build on the concept of the triple bottom line of sustainability. KPI’s are ranked using analytical hierarchy process (AHP). It has been anticipated that the projected KPIs provides aid to the sugar industry in achieving higher performance in sustainable manufacturing.


Sustainable manufacturing, Sustainable development, Business sustainability, Sugar industry, Analytic hierarchy process, Key performance indicators

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