Investigation of surface roughness for EN-31 by REDM with graphite electrode

Deepak; Vipin


Machining of EN-31 is supposed to be very difficult by conventional machining methods. A rotational electrical discharge machine (REDM) has been developed with concentration of abrasive particles in oil. Investigations have been carried out for machining EN-31 material by REDM with graphite electrodes (Ge). Analysis of REDM process parameter has made to carry out on EN-31 for Surface Roughness (Ra) with graphite electrode (Ge). The experiments have been performed with three parameters: Peak current (Pc), tool rotation (Trpm) and abrasive concentration (Ac). The variable concentration of silicon carbide (SiC) has been used to analyse the Ra at various concentration such as 60, 80 & 100 g/L. Optimal results have been obtained for process parameters, Pc – 12 amp, Trpm – 1800 rpm and Ge – 80 g/L.


REDM, EN-31, Graphite electrode tool, Surface roughness

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